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Представляю Вашему вниманию еще две малоизвестные кубинские монеты:


Колумб 1 песо 2006 года (медно-никелевый сплав). Конкретно эти монеты всплывали на Кубе, затем в Америке.





Колумб 10 песо 2006 года (серебро) существует:



 Письмо от владельца монеты в 1 песо:

Ok, thanks my friend for your e-mail
I'm in Cuba just 10 Juny, 2010.
I try to explain the history of this coin, sorry for my english, not very good.
This coin was minted in 2006.
The problem was that the CECA of Cuba sold this coin with not permission of the manager.
The first day was sold 11 coins of 1 peso copper-nickel and 7 coins 10 pesos silver.
The second day, the manager was destroyed all of coins, except this 18 coins.
I have 2 of this coins, 1 peso copper-nickel.
I know who has the others 16 coins.
All are in Cuba, but but at this moment all of this are "not for sale"
I have tried to buy all the coins, but after being able to buy two, no one else wanted to sell any
This coin is therefore rarer than the currency of the "aerostato", of which there are 23 that were coined as "specimen"


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